Grow & Scale Your Real Estate Business & Wealth Without Losing Your Life!

Hi, I'm Jill

I'm looking for business minded real estate agents that want more out of life than the #riseandgrind mentality that has overtaken our culture and industry.

Let me show you how to build your business to serve you rather than enslave you. And why it makes sense to build your business on the most disruptive platform our industry has ever seen!

Take the time to study this opportunity by spending time on this site and when you're ready, you can schedule a chat directly with me.

After growing and scaling a real estate tea, serving families, and helping agents and team leaders do the same, I am committing my time, talents and resources to help those that partner with me at eXp Realty to sell more homes while building wealth and residual income. And most importantly, to live a life without regrets!

Let's Get Started!

Much Love & Respect!

My Mission Is Clear! I Want To Help You...

Grow & Scale Your Business & Life

Gain access to all proven tools, systems, strategies and training that allow you to simply and predictably accelerate your business growth.

Achieve True Time & Money Freedom

Make the shift from the "transaction treadmill" to a more lucrative lifestyle business where you will work less hours and make more money.

Live a Life of Meaning, Purpose & Impact

Collaborate with top agents and team leaders to build a business worth owning so you can live a life full of purpose and meaning with no regrets.

The Fastest Way to Grow & Scale Your Real Estate Business & Create Enduring Wealth is to Partner With Me at Team Best Powered by eXp Realty

...and you can do it without ever paying for coaching, training or technology ever again!!! Check it out below...

Disruptive Cloud Based Real Estate Platform

  • Training & Technology: Advanced tech tools & 50+ hours of weekly training to help you grow fast
  • Healthcare: Solves a dire need in our industry where the average savings is $10k per year
  • Wealth Building: Earn stock 5 different ways & build residual income through Revenue Share

Community & Collaboration to Crush This Shifting Market

  • Selfless Collaboration: A group of business builders who will lift you up when needed
  • Weekly Training: Learn the required skills, tactics & strategies from the best in the business
  • Have More Fun: Join us 4 times per year for special events and masterminds ... let's do life together!

So What Exactly Do You Get When You Partner With Me?

In Addition to ALL the Benefits eXp Realty Offers, You Also Get The Exclusive Benefits Below by Partnering With Me!


Lead generation levers, lead conversion protocols, buyer/seller presentations, productivity tools, critical tech tools, client care systems, tracking templates, team building resources & more.


When you partner with me at eXp Realty, we become business partners. My goal is clear ... to help you make more money, enjoy more freedom and make a greater impact in life. Let's go!


Join us every week for sales growth training on crushing the shift, social media & video, lead generation & conversion, luxury real estate, leverage, productivity, team building & more.


Connect and collaborate with like minded real estate agents and team leaders in our Private Game Changers Nation Facebook Group. This is where all the action and sharing happens!


Learn the latest tactics and strategies from the top Rev Share earners in eXp. Find out what's working and what isn't working so that you can super charge your Agent Attraction business.


Get instant access to a proven step by step system for creating $15,000+ monthly residual income stream through eXp's Revenue Share program. Plus all scripts, templates, trackers, etc.

(Please Watch the Videos on This Page Before Booking a Call With Me)

Want to Learn More About This Disruptive Platform?

As a non-believer of eXp for many years, I saw firsthand the amount of misinformation that is out there. Now that I have seen how this platform is truly changing lives, I feel obligated to share my take on it. So I urge you to take the time to watch the video below.

Let Me Help You Build a Business Worth Owning so You Can Live a Life Worth Living

A Little About Me...

  • Wife, Mother, Business Builder, Team Owner, Broker, and WY Native

  • No sales, marketing or business building experience when I got into real estate

  • Served more than 5,000 families in my real estate career, from 44 sides in 2008 to 400+ 5 years later

  • Helped 100s of top agents & team leaders grow and scale their businesses

  • Currently leads team of over 1,200 agents in Most Every US State + Canada, Spain & New Zealand

  • I have built a multiple 7-figure liquid net worth & $80k+ monthly residual income

  • I work Mon-Thu and I take 10-12 weeks of vacation annually

But Most Importantly ... I have made EVERY MISTAKE in business you can possibly make and I'm willing to share them with you!

Still Wondering Why eXp is Disrupting Our Industry?

It's Been Said That The Most Expensive Thing One Can Own is a Closed Mind. Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did By Dismissing This Platform for Years Before I Finally Took The Time.

Do You Really Want to Miss Out on the Life Changing Benefits of This Disruptive Platform Because You Didn't Take the Time to Really Study It?

What Exactly is Game Changers Nation?

and Why is it the Fastest Growing Group in eXp Realty?

We help real estate agents achieve Money Freedom, Time Freedom & Location Freedom.

Through Our Coaching Collective, we provide relevant training & coaching to help accelerate your growth in business & life:

  • Learn from Top Agents & Team Leaders Selling 50-500+ Homes Per Year!

  • Real Estate Market Updates So You Can Crush The Shift

  • New Agent Training to Luxury Sales to Team Building

  • Expanding Your Sales Using Social Media & Video

  • ​Business Building, Productivity & Leverage

  • ​Listing & Buyer Lead Generation & Conversion

  • ​​kvCORE CRM Implementation & Training

  • Swipe & Deploy Tools & Tactics to Expnd Your Business Today!

No Matter Where You Are in Your Journey, We Have Training to Help You Get to Your Next Level!

You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family to Carefully Study This Opportunity. It Is Much More Than a Cloud Based Brokerage.


Make the Shift from Agent to Owner in your Real Estate Business




The 6 Stages of Growth Every Real Estate Agent & Team Leader



Your Future Has Been Written

The Question Is ... Are You Willing to Take the Next Step?

Your Time is Now!

You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family to Carefully Study This Opportunity. It Is Much More Than a Cloud Based Brokerage.

I have succeeded many times and failed even more in this industry. So I can tell you this with absolute certainly. This platform gives you the best chance of building freedom into your life.

I am honored that you would take the time to study this opportunity with me. If you feel like you are ready to take your business and life to the next level, let's do this!

Grab a call with me and let's figure out how we can crush this together!

You Owe it to Yourself & Your Family to Carefully Study This Opportunity. It Is Much More Than a Cloud Based Brokerage.

Check Out These Free Resources to Help You Grow Your Business & Crush Your Goals

Achieve True Freedom In Your Real Estate Business & Live Your Life Without Regrets

Join a growing community of thriving agents to get a leg up in your market.

Speak with a business coach and get clear on the steps necessary for you to scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your sponsor at eXp doesn't need to be local or even in your same state or country. Your sponsor and your broker are two separate people (in most cases). All states and provinces have their own broker whom you'll be licensed under to do business. Your sponsor is who most influenced your decision to join eXp Realty and who you believe will align with your goals and support your efforts the most.

US agents pay $149 to start-up and $85/month thereafter. All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000. Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $250 transaction fee. After $5,000 in capped transaction fees, you'll go to $75 per transaction. There is a $25 broker review fee on every transaction and a $40 risk management fee on each transaction that caps at $500 for the year.

Canadian agents pay $199 to start-up and $139/month thereafter. All agents are on an 80/20 split until they cap at $16,000. Then you go to 100% for the remainder of your anniversary year minus a $285 transaction fee. After $5700 in capped transaction fees, you'll go to $75 / transaction. There is a $29 broker review fee on every transaction and a $17 risk management fee on each transaction until it caps at $200 for the year.

This is on a case-by-case basis. Book a time to "Chat With Me" and I'll be able to get you the "cap deferment" paperwork that's required to process this type of special exception.

All eXp agents receive access to over 3,000 Regus office locations around the world. Additionally, your office is anywhere you have a computer or mobile device and internet access. Through eXp World and Workplace by Facebook you'll be able to access eXp's 500+ staff members.

The staff ranges from transaction coordinators, tech support, team services, brokerage operations, legal, and accounting. All training and support is given in real-time, anywhere in the world, with over 80 hours per week.

In my opinion, based on what I've seen eXp do for other new agents, I would say absolutely YES! It's not so much a question of if eXp is good for new agents or not. It's more about if the new agent is the type of person to dive in and utilize all the tools and training offered by eXp Realty.

eXp offers over 80 hours of live training EVERY week and gives agents all the tools necessary to generate leads and sell homes. Whether the agent digs in, without waiting for someone to tell them every step of the way, separates those that do well in eXp's model and those that do not.

That's not to say you won't have help along the way. Quite the opposite, actually. But you do need to be able to take initiative, while asking questions and seeking advice along the way, versus waiting to be told what to do next.

You'll need to refer to your current independent contractor agreement to see how pending transactions and listings are handled upon departure from your brokerage. Every brokerage has different policies on this.

Obviously, there is never a perfect time to make a move, especially when you have deals pending. I've seen agents get caught in the cycle of waiting for a deal to close before moving but then have another deal that they write-up waiting for the closing.

At some point, you have to weigh the cost of your pending transactions against missing out on all the benefits you'll receive at eXp, including, the stock, ICON program, revenue sharing, kvCORE, training, split, etc...

This is a question best answered via a private Zoom video conference with me. Hit the "Chat With Me" button on the top of this page and you'll be able to setup a time to meet one-on-one with me where we can discuss the best way to move your team or brokerage over with you to eXp.

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